Employees Uniform Management - Client: G4S Security Services Employees Uniform Management Software built on windows platform that increases the ability to service the complex transaction of Uniform issues and dues. It provides a transactional audit trail for the Users. It will manage all types of stocks and masters related to Uniform Management services.

Sales Order Management - Client: Banavathi Power Systems Pvt Ltd The Sales Order Management System helps to keep track of all the documents related to Sales like Customer Database, Enquiry, Quotation, Sales Order, Bill of Material, Cost estimation sheet, Work order, Inventory Management of Raw materials, consumables and Finished Goods, Purchase activity, Vendor details, Stock summary, Manufacturing Journal, Quality check and Delivery Note. This system also various MIS reports related to Sales, Purchase, Inventory and Excise.

Employees Uniform Management
Sales Order Management
Finance & Accounting Management
Bill Tracking

Finance & Accounting Management - Client: BESCOM he Finance Management Software is to ensure that right information is available to the right people at right time so that, The current and fixed assets are used effectively and efficiently so as to achieve the corporate financial indicators and return on investment. A totally integrated accounting system and procedures are followed throughout the company. An effective, efficient and flexible budgetary control is exercised on both capital and revenue expenditures.

Bill Tracking - Client: BESCOM Bill Tracking Software will help in tracking the bills and will show the exact status of the bill. Various types of bills will be entered from zones, circles, divisions, sub divisions and sections in the software and workflow will be defined for each type of bill designation wise.

Software development life cycle (SDLC)
  • We will follow Software development life cycle (SDLC) in design and development of our projects.
  • 1.Requirement Analysis, Gathering, and Definition - All possible requirements of the system to be developed are captured in this phase and documented in a requirement specification document.
  • 2.Software Design - The requirement specifications from first phase are analyzed in this phase and system design is prepared.
  • 3.Implementation - With inputs from system design, the system is first developed in small programs called units, which are integrated in the next phase.
  • 4.Testing and Integration - All the units developed in the implementation phase are integrated into a system after testing of each unit.
  • 5.Deployment - Once the functional and non functional testing is done, the product is deployed in the customer environment or released into the market.
  • 6.Maintenance - There are some issues which come up in the client environment.