Aagnaa & KalyaTech

Aagnaa is a technology solution provider, unfolding a world of infinite possibilities in the area of “Internet of Things” (IoT). Customers, applications, devices, data and places and can be interconnected through our exponential solutions that will transform how people experience, discover and interact their world.

“Connected Products and Services Innovation” is our business driver, and our innovation labs in India and Singapore provide the needed platform for the market place to leverage the potential of IoT.

KalyaTech is partner for Aagnaa in product improvements, implementation, support and marketing across India & Abroad.

Application Areas

Retailers in the following areas can benefit immensely with Aagnaa's MagicMe Technological.

  • Apparels
  • Jewellery
  • Make-up
  • Hand Bags
  • Optical
  • Footwear

AAGNAA’s MagicMe (A virtual try-on smart mirror)

you as a customer walk in an apparel store. You are looking for a dress for a specific occasion. You went around the store and picked few good designs, looked for a specific size and then marched to the change room.

Are these the questions crossing your mind?
  • Have I seen all the designs in store?
  • Are these the best of the shirt designs or are there some more?
  • Does this size fit me the best? Or do I need to come back?

With so many questions, and so few answers, it doesn't take long for shopping to become an unpleasant experience.

What if...
  • You stand in front of a mirror that seems to possess magical powers.
  • You can see all the designs available in the store for your size.
  • The mirror can show you how you look with a specific dress on you (without you wearing that dress)
  • You could pick your perfect dress standing right there in front of the mirror
  • You spend the rest of the evening having a really good time!
MagicMe will now make it happen!

This is not science fiction - it's happening. Aagnaa Technology – which incorporates body-size interactive digital mirrors -
Is being located in both high end retailers as well as small retailers.

How MagicMe Works
  • MagicMe scans your (the customer's) body
  • Then with gesture control, you choose the clothes or accessories to try on
  • The garments digitally cloak your body, and wrap and move with the body - different colours, styles and different accessories in an instant
  • All this can happen before you go into the physical change room – you are better informed about the garment you want to actually try on
  • Need more time to think about it or want to get an opinion from a friend, the mirror can take a photo of you "wearing" the virtual try on garment and SMS the photo with the product info to you

If at some later point, you decide to buy the garment, the e-commerce transaction can happen via a mobile. No out of stock, no loss of sales, no going shop to shop for the customer.

  • Digital inventory will replace physical stock. This means...
    • more sales
    • less spoilage due to multiple try-ons
    • effective use of the sales team
    • less pilferage, and
    • Customer has access to a wide range of clothes, even if they are not available in the store
  • Data analytic enables cross-selling opportunities
  • Improved forecasting fabric requirement for a manufacturing run
  • Simpler promotions to sell remnants
  • Smaller shops since there could potentially be no stock, or just one of each size. Space can be used to create a lounge like atmosphere
  • Creates an enjoyable experience and productive use of time for the customer
To view a Live Demo of MagicMe...

Please call us or write to us today. Our technology support team will organize it at your convenience.

Solution Support

We have a dedicated team to ensure that MagicMe installations are running 24x7 at all our customer sites.
Since this is a global product initiative, Aagnaa is committed to providing prompt updates in the technology as and when they are effected.