Address check -Validating the stated address of the candidate.

Education check -This is a simple way to test honesty. Validation of the education details provided by the candidate including authenticity of the stated degree, year of completion and the course pursued.

Employment check -Validation of the candidate’s previous employment including duration of employment, last position held and reason for leaving.

Reference check -Procuring relevant personal and/or professional information from the references provided by the candidate.

Criminal check -Identifying whether the candidate was involved in any criminal activity recorded with the police station.

Address check
Education check
Employment check
Reference check
Criminal check
Identity check
Database check
Drug check
ExitInterview check
Court record check
Gap analysis

Identity check -Validating the ID Proof of the candidate

Database check -Identifying any adverse reports or findings about the candidate.

Drug test -Determining presence of certain drugs in the candidate’s body

Exit Interview check -Questionnaire about the previous employer

Court record check -Identifying whether the candidate was involved in any criminal activity recorded with the court.

Gap analysis -Verifying the gaps between the educations and employments of the candidates.

Features of Smart VerifyTM

Smart Verify is empowered with login and user management. We can restrict access, MIS reports, tracking of cases, invoice generation and more with highly customizable.

Detailed and easy work flow for every verification
Check wise Document management system
Ready to use Email templates for generating verification reports
Audit report of all transactions – user wise and module wise
Managing multiple vendors / Actions, assigning cases to vendors
Role based access
Real time online reporting – Final / Interim / Supplementary reports with attachments, status reporting, insufficiency mail and reports, MIS reports
Client can view status of verification cases and download the verification reports
Very flexible client SLA structure
Various MIS reports can be generated in Smart Verify
Easy access to college, university and employees database
Centralized user management

Benefits of Smart VerifyTM

Reduce average Turn Around Time
Easy access to verification documents in Smart Verify
Results are consistently accurate as well as timelier
Client can upload documents online and view the status of verification
Generate quality and accurate verification reports
Deliver a report faster with guaranteed turnaround time on background screening